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Our Story

This land has belong to us since 1989. In 1993 we had a small manual crusher, were we would process only small amounts of coffee for the house consumption and to sell locally, the rest of the production was sold to the big beneficiaries, because for many reasons, we had no option.



In 2005 we started processing all the production after little improvmenets to our equipment and in 2007-2008 we were able to implement the guidelines dictated by ICAFE, in order to establish our own code, with the goal and dream to compete with other coffees in the country. That is how we participated in Cup of Excellence in 2008. It was our first experience with our micro beneficiary and it was a pleasent sorprise to win the first prize.



This prize would have never been possible without the sacrifice and hard work of my mother, my sister, her husband, my husband’s and mine, since we have all been involved in this project.


Our coffee is meticulously picked, only the red cherries are collected, it is dried by the sun in “african beds”, moving it constantly, achieving this way the perfect humidity, this along with incondicional work and love from all the hands involved in this process, lead us to the distinguished prize.



Since 2008 we have been perfecting and working carefully all details to achieve the highest quality. In 2013 we participated again in Cup of Excellence and 2 of our participating lots were among the 22 finalist. The lots “Los 5 Hijos” (the name is after my 3 children and my sister’s 2 kids) was in 13th place and “El Beneficio” was 5th.


Currently, we keep working on the highest quality and standards with the conviction that we will achieve the 1st place again.

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